Getting help

Domestic abuse (violence) is physical, emotional and/or sexual harm. It is done in intimate (such as marriage, civil partnership, dating) or family-type relationships. The person who is doing it (perpetrator) could be a husband or partner or boyfriend, or other family members in the home.

Sometimes, women do not realise that they are abused.

This may be because they have always been treated badly. Or their abuser may tell them, and they may believe, that it is their own fault. Women often hide the abuse because they are frightened or feel ashamed. And, abusers are very careful to hide what they are doing too.

All women have the right to live without abuse.

we will listen

We will listen to you

What you can expect from Shakti Women’s Aid

  • We will listen to you.
  • Believe you.
  • Not judge you.
  • Help you to make your own decisions.
  • Honour your decisions.
  • Support you to find a way out of abuse.
  • Not speak to your family or community.

When you’ve experienced abuse in any way, you are in fear, you’ve lost trust, your confidence and somehow faith in humanity, but Shakti helped me mend my crushed spirit.