It's your right to feel and be safe

Help for black minority ethnic (BME) women, children and young people who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse. Phone us on 0131 475 2399 or email us if you are worried or frightened about what is happening to you or someone you know. The person who is abusing you could be a partner, ex-partner and/or other member of the household.  You may be under a lot of pressure from family and community. You may not be sure about your rights, for example to stay in the UK, or to safety. We can help you with this.  We will not tell your family or community. All our staff are women. If you think you or your children are in immediate danger of being hurt, phone the police on 999.

As a charity we rely on donations. We are very happy to accept your help, whether you want to make a one-off gift or a regular contribution.