Taken/abandoned abroad

If you think someone is planning to take you abroad, get advice immediately.

If you are still in the UK, you can contact the police (phone 101 or 999 in an emergency), Shakti, social work, school guidance teacher, college or university student adviser. You can also contact the UK Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office for advice. Click here to link to its website.

If you are at risk of forced marriage, you can contact the Forced Marriage Unit for help. Click here to link to its website.

If you have one, always try to travel on your British passport. If possible, try to keep a copy of your passport, visa, money, addresses and phone numbers of your destination hidden with you and/or someone you trust.

If you are overseas, contact the nearest British Embassy or Consulate. Click here for contact details.

If you are not British, then the British Embassy or Consulate may not be able to help you as they would a British national. You may wish to contact someone in the UK such as a lawyer or social work. Shakti can give you phone numbers to try.

If your children have been taken abroad, contact Reunite for advice. Click here for Reunite’s website.