Some information about risk

It may help to know something about risk. If you know about the things which can increase risk then you can think about what could help to keep you safe and who to ask for help. You are the best person to know how the person abusing you behaves. But some things which may increase risk to any woman living with domestic abuse are:

  • You are threatening to leave or have recently left.
  • You are pregnant or have recently had a child.
  • The abuse has been getting worse or is happening more often.
  • He is using a weapon to hurt you.
  • He is threatening to kill you and/or himself.
  • He receives a letter, for example from your solicitor.
  • He has mental health issues and his symptoms are getting worse.
  • He is using alcohol or drugs excessively.
  • He/your family have planned an unexpected trip for you to their ‘home country’.
  • He is refusing to apply for your visa.

None of these are excuses for abuse or reasons to stay or put up with abuse. They are things to be aware of that could mean increased risk to you.