Children and young people’s services

YOung people THinChildren and young people may be affected by the abuse of their mother, and/or be directly harmed themselves. They may be threatened with or experience forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and ‘honour-based’ abuse. Our children and young people’s service is for children and young men and women up to age 18. Specialist children’s workers run this service. Children’s workers are women. They know how domestic abuse affects children and young people and will:

  • Talk to children and young people about the abuse and how it is affecting them.
  • Give them information about domestic abuse, staying safe, and other practical help (suitable for their age).
  • Help with any changes such as moving away from their home or school or friends.
  • Speak to teachers or others to make sure children and young people feel safe and supported.

They also run outings and events for children and young people.

For more about domestic abuse, children, and young people, see the Scottish Women’s Aid website.

My case worker has been extremely supportive and understanding. Her belief in me and her efforts to assist in protecting my little daughter have meant everything to me.